Tourism plays a very important role on a global scale: it is one of the most significant and growing economic sector worldwide – in many countries of the southern hemisphere, especially in some economically less developed countries and particularly in the small island states, tourism is the main source of revenue and engine of economic development. Worldwide, every eleventh job is directly or indirectly linked to tourism. It has therefore the great potential to provide impulses for a healthy economic growth. And yet, the tourism consumes vast amounts of resources and 280 million jobs in this field are characterized by precarious working conditions and poor legal security and warranty.

Sustainable tourism is always a difficult balancing act. Therefore, there is the need to develop clear, measurable but nevertheless process oriented ways that brings to a better tourism. That is the fundamental idea behind TourCert and the reason why Terra Institute decided to cooperate in this project.

TourCert gGmbH

TourCert developed an internationally recognised consultancy and certification system, permeating the entire tourism value chain with regard to sustainability, which can be applied internationally. The TourCert system is more than just a certification. It is not just about awarding the label as such, but about the entire process and the company’s continuous development on the way to a sustainable future.

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