Change begins with the mind

“High-quality education” (SDG 4) is key to ensure a fast transition to sustainability change for the economy and society.

  • Terra Campus is the ideal platform to access state-of-the-art sustainability and system change content focused on our 5 core competencies which include both the internal (personal) and the external (organizational) dimension.
  • Using an innovative blended learning methodology with highly qualified trainers and coaches participants are able to gain crucial knowledge on how to lead a sustainability change from within organizations.


Whether face-to-face, online or via blended learning we offer innovative methods and tools to develop and implement sustainability strategies.


Throughout our educational offering we ensure multi-level learning. Knowledge means not only thinking but also questioning and gaining insights from first hand experience. It is about clarifying data, facts and background information, establishing logical connections and expanding one’s own horizon of knowledge and insights.

This is done didactically in person as well as online by means of inspiring keynote speakers, dialogues and group work, as well as the use of material in the form of texts, presentations and videos.


The body and feelings are activated to boost the strength, joy and energy needed for the implementation process of the newly gained insights. By achieving a connection with deeper levels of being, the participant explores and prioritises what fits their authentic needs, readiness and willingness to implement. This includes the practice of mindfulness induced through dialogues, meditations, yoga, breathing exercises, and music.

The combination of knowledge and soft skills development prepares participants for their experience both during the training and at their workspace. This enables a well-founded reflection: what can I implement in my daily practice and how? This is where the learning experience becomes deeply rooted since the concrete requirements at the workplace set the framework for personal development. Participants will get access to different tools to guide their own process: online learning, coaching, mentoring, shadowing, case-study consultation and exchange of experiences after the training session. Learning is the result of the capitalization of these experiences plus the internalization of the content at every level. Only then the foundation for change will be firm enough allowing new concepts to be implemented in a sustainable way. At the final stage of implementation, we offer a comprehensive follow-up via direct personal contact and process implementation consulting.

Our online courses are a core part of our educational offer. These combine efficient self-learning with important interactive exchange through a mix of formats.

Interactive live-online sessions for professionals: highly interactive live-online sessions provide opportunities for exchange, discussion and consolidation.

Self-study: Varied self-study chapters with videos, texts and interactive elements complement the syllabus.

Moderated forum discussions: they constitute the building blocks for a stimulating exchange of experiences and an active and valuable learning element.

Transfer tasks: Quizzes, transfer tasks, other accompanying tasks and personally developed concepts build bridges to practice and applicability.

Proven and professional tools create transparency, ensure measurability and provide effective support in the change process.


Terra has been working for more than 10 years focusing on 5 crucial topics related to the transformation to a regenerative society and economy:

  1. Purpose-centered corporate strategy
  2. Sustainability reporting and CO2 strategy
  3. Good products and circular economy
  4. New learning, new work, new culture, new organization
  5. Personal development

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