24 Oct

Tanya Deporta


Sustainability is not only what I’m keenly interested in, but also what I’m trying to live: a responsible, mindful coexistence of people and nature that brings joy. At Terra I want to contribute to the transformation of businesses into a sustainable organization, because I believe that sustainability pays off for everyone: the economy, the society and the environment. “

In her work, Tanya Deporta takes a holistic view without losing sight of the details. Down-to-earth and close to nature, she tries to tackle problems at the root and create a climate of trust among all the people involved, in order to implement creative solutions with realistic entrepreneurial spirit. In addition to her background in economics with a focus on management, human geography and philosophy and many years of volunteer commitment to sustainability, Tanya brings along a wealth of experience from various activities in tourism and gastronomy, innovative agriculture and the sustainable textile industry.

Tel.: +39 0472 970 484