22 May

Sandra White

Consultant Office London

“Throughout the world, amid the heartbreak and fear of the Covid-19 pandemic unfolding as I join Terra Institute, what shines through is the love, concern and solidarity we genuinely feel for each other. Collectively, nearly all of us are freely expressing our innate passionate desire to live in good health and in peace together. To extend this to every other species sharing Earth with us as home is only a small extension of that same desire; small, but vital if we want to live sustainably. Living in harmony with the larger natural system of life supporting us is how we create a thriving future for us all.”

As an ecopsychologist and psychologist, Sandra White holds a profound understanding that the wellbeing of humanity and Earth are inextricably interwoven.  Rooted in this foundation she facilitates change through consultancy, programme design and delivery, facilitation, tuition, mentoring and coaching.  Her thoughtful, informed, analytic, holistic and empathic approach enables people and organisations to realise new visions of what it means to pursue fulfilling, nourishing lives in coherence with the world and to conduct business for those ends.  She is also a published author, public speaker and storyteller.  A great love of Sandra’s is to spend time communing with nature.