29 Aug

Nele Nopper

Team Office Berlin

“My passion for the topic of sustainability has shaped my decisions for many years and drives my motivation to work on a future-orientate, ecologically and socially just world every day.  Corporates and other organisations have a huge impact on today’s societies, negatively just as positively. My thrive is to reduce their negative impact and to focus on developing and promoting their positive potential. In my view, this can be put into practice with the help of the creation of consciousness, reflection, transfer of knowledge, collaboration with stakeholders and the courage to create and implement big visions and sustainable innovations.”

Nele has studied “Sustainable Business Management” at the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development. She gained a wealth of experience abroad, through which she learnt to question what is valid, to empathize with different perspectives, to understand systems and to develop social visions. Nele is experienced in “agile working methods” and combines their mindset and methods with her broad knowledge and professional experience in the field of corporate sustainability. Empathy work and the inclusion of the needs of all stakeholders as well as appreciative communication at eye level are very important to her. Nele finds: Sustainable innovation and solution-oriented work are best achieved through a targeted combination of creativity and structure.


Tel.: +49 (0)151 249 184 70