24 Mar

Lucía Radeljak

Managing Director London

“My expertise merges entrepreneurship with sustainability and system change. My passion is to find that point of equilibrium where social, environmental and economic sustainability goals meet.”

Lucía Radeljak´s motivation is to promote innovation by integrating the needs of people, the possibilities of technology and the requirements for sustainable success. In 2012 she decided to pivot her career into global environmental issues focusing on climate change and sustainability. Since then, her life became a tireless quest for tools and frameworks to help untangle wicked problems. Most of her experience in sustainability encompasses circular economy, CO2 calculation and stakeholder engagement. Lucía Radeljak graduated with a Master’s degree in environmental engineering and she has experience working in the corporate sector, start-ups and NGOs. The common thread is her ability to apply system thinking and develop research-based design adapted to each particular context.  She has experience working in international projects including Brazil, China, Argentina and France. Lucía Radeljak runs her own circular economy knitwear brand and loves to cook with vegetables grown in her own garden.