22 Nov

Hubert König


“Sustainable management is absolutely necessary, if we want to preserve our planet as a liveable planet for all.”

Hubert König sees his task in accompanying companies in the implementation of sustainable management in the frame of a circular economy. For this, he draws on many years of experience as managing director of a consulting company, in which he accompanied companies in various areas over many years: in the development of positive and joyful corporate cultures, in the strengthening of employees and teams in their personal development, etc. Hubert König’s core competencies as a consultant and trainer include business games, leadership training and support of change processes, the development of sustainability strategies and personal coaching. In his role as a consultant, he is primarily interested in inspiring people for something, recognising strengths, making them aware and strengthening them and solving tasks with ease, fun, creativity and an innovative spirit.

Tel.: +43 1 49 49 990 11