14 May

Günther Reifer

Founder, CEO, consultant & trainer

Günther Reifer strives to deliver methods which enable economic actors to redefine their entrepreneurial role and thereby change their businesses in a systemic and holistic manner. Günther provides guidance and support for businesses and organisations thanks to his enthusiasm, structured thinking and creativity, his innovative sense of grasping complex causal relationships and his visionary farsightedness. His way of accompanying a company is different and unique. It includes a strong dose of sound judgement, humorous interpersonal interaction and result-orientated solutions. Building on his broad knowledge base and extensive experience in consulting, Günther Reifer is an expert for strategy, systemic vision and mission design, sustainability management, systemic business development, product development (Cradle to Cradle® Design Consultant), innovation management, circular economy management, Marketing 3.0, Business Model Innovation and innovative sales models (value-oriented distribution).