22 May

Bridget Knapper

Consultant Office London

Bridget is an expert in strategic communication. She is a change agent deeply committed to social justice and sustainability. As a company director and consultant she has experience of working in both the private and public sector. She helps companies and organisations to crystallise their purpose and to translate their values into action. Bridget has extensive experience of working with clients in the UK, with companies, government, education, non-profit and arts organisations. She has also coordinated international projects and speaks French and German fluently. Her excellent communication and facilitation skills combined with her empathic and calm approach help to create coherent teams and to engage diverse groups of stakeholders. Bridget is a member of the management team of the international movement Economy for the Common Good (ECG) and is a founding director of ECG UK. She has a good sense of fun and is happiest swimming in a lake in her native Cumbria or cycling on tour.