There are several thousand management consultants in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but only a small number of them deal with the topic of sustainability in a well-founded way. These are often lone wolves for whom it is difficult to get an overview of the topic in all its complexity.

At the same time, everyone is talking about sustainability, but real change still takes place far too rarely. Why? Usually there is a lack of know-how. This also affects companies and corporations. Companies play a key role when it comes to ecological system change. With the Smart Terra Solutions (STS) we would like to open up a broadly effective offer for our colleagues who work in the consultancy field, and, who together with us, want to close this gap.

It is a coherent product portfolio for companies that are committed to sustainability or new business practices and want to secure their future viability in this way. It offers our colleagues the opportunity to access to a complete value proposition in the area of sustainability. It currently includes 6 products that can set the company in motion on different levels.

We invite you to become part of a global community that is constantly developing these ideas and is able to develop nationally and across industries. We want to strengthen entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship, to provide new impulses and to enable companies to be part of the solution. We want to attain, together, a global system change.

Consulting approach

STS - Smart Terra Solutions

Our online offerings are designed to support in redesigning and developing  business more simply, so your clients can quickly identify risks and opportunities. Each STS tool offers a different combination of impacts, that you might want to achieve with your clients and the possible participation of external stakeholders.

You will also be able to decide with whom the analyses and strategies will be shared: whether with employees or a selected group of external stakeholders and/or with a broader audience. You can start your clients journey with the tool that appears closest to the context. Linking with other modules and tools is possible at any time.

  • CO2 strategies-Company level: The tool calculates the annual CO2 emissions of companies and then presents ideas for possible reduction. Companies can subsequently become climate-neutral – and link with other companies if necessary.
  • CO2 strategies-Product level: This tool calculates the CO2 footprint.
  • Online Materiality Matrix: An online-based stakeholder dialogue, that identifies the main sustainability topics for a company quickly and efficiently.
  • Terra Sustainability report and CSR-Hub: This online tool includes all existing standards (GRI, SDGs, Global Compact, …) and delivers templates, checklists, goals, KPIs, measures, etc., to create a sustainability report quickly and reliably.
  • Terra Future Strategy: This tool gives companies the opportunity to assess their existing business models under a special strategy-check – agile, digital, participative. There will be other questions asked, which will generate new answers and targets. The tool is ideal for CEOs and board members and helps to apply sustainability to the strategic agenda – a new strategy cockpit, so to say.
  • GSE System: Based on 6 columns, this tool visualizes and simulates the “house of sustainability” of the company. It integrates existing certificates (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, SA8000, etc.) and enables the suppliers to be included in the sustainability process.

Become part of Terra’s Consulting Community

Together we want to make this world a better place so that our children and children‘s children can also experience the wonders of life on Earth. We use all our knowledge, talents and skills to accompany companies in their role as shapers of ecological and social sustainability. A system change towards a new awareness and with courageous sustainable thinking and acting is our common goal. For this purpose we form a network in which we cooperate closely with each other, share effective tools, learn together, encourage each other and increase our effectiveness. For this network there is a need for consultants and coaches with new skills in approaches and methods of sustainable management and with inner maturity, able to perceive their responsibility in the transformation process.


Paolo Agnelli