Clear and digital on-line tools support on the way to sustainability. The tools can be networked together and are based on block-chain technologies.


In order to respond to the mission we have set ourselves, that is to stimulate a change at systemic level, we have developed a range of on-line-based solutions, the Smart on-line solutions, designed to increase the efficiency of our services and allowing us to dedicate more time and space for joint thinking and creative design with the companies we accompany.


Simplify and support your business with the SOS – Smart on-line Solutions!


Why are our solutions technology-oriented? Because we need tools that are easily accessible, comprehensive, flexible, and scalable. We want to offer companies a feedback platform that can stimulate creative and transformative energy. Today’s managers have a constant need for impulses and inspiration: that is why we have worked with our partners on a series of digital solutions that, together with our consultancy, are able to provide companies and decision-makers with high-impact tools.


SOS – Smart on-line Solutions: Product Portfolio

Our on-line offerings are designed to help companies manage the complexity of their transformation path by identifying risks and opportunities early on.
Each SoS tool is dedicated to a specific content and offers the possibility to decide individually the degree of participation with which it will be implemented in the company. The possibilities are in fact multiple: you can involve all or part of the employees, a selected group of external stakeholders or a wider audience that revolves around the company.
You can start the journey with the tool that seems to be closest to your context. Linking with other modules and tools is possible at any time.

Our Smart on-line Solutions product portfolio currently includes the following digital tools:


  • On-line materiality matrix
  • Terra’s future strategy
  • GSE System
  • Climate neutrality and CO2 Strategies




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Becoming a Terra Certified Consultant, means to be an agent for change, using leading edge digital tools, SOS – Smart Online Solutions: software solutions based on the knowledge and experience of the Terra Institute and its partners.

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