RESET your organization!

Use this unique moment in time to repurpose your company


The current global state of emergency is putting us all to the test – individuals, families, societies and states. Everything is in flux and this also true for companies. Yet in this instability, there is also the possibility for renewal. The COVID crisis has turned everything we know as a company and as entrepreneurs upside down. That’s why we have designed a process: RESET, which allows companies to go back to the START and redesign their future.

Our accompaniment as long-standing experts in sustainability and transformation ensures that your corporate renewal embraces and takes to another level the criterion of “green” reconstruction, so essential for all of our futures. It will also fit your company better to the requirements of many national and EU Member States, or even exceed them ahead of time.

RESET Process

In the context of our SOS – Smart Online Solutions, we have designed a pathway that takes place entirely online and digitally. The programme can be activated immediately. Together we plan and design the roadmap for your successful and sustainable future in about 20 hours over 6 – 10 weeks. We tailor it to the structure of your company, adapting to your context and needs, and between meetings we propose insights that we then develop together.



Triggered by the Coronavirus crisis, a unique opportunity has arisen to evolve strategies, structures and habits simply and very quickly. Will you seize this window of possibility for YOUR company?

We move along the RESET canvas below in various online sessions and by using exciting digital tools:

RESET: Canvas

3 personal coaching sessions as part of the process

Why personal coaching?

It is the individuals in the company, the board members or the managers, who often make change possible through their proactive attitude or hinder it through their blockages, fears and individual interests. In order to ensure that your collective RESET is well and fully supported by every single influencer and thus succeeds coherently, the individuals are accompanied in the confidential framework of coaching in overcoming their blockages and doubts and in unleashing all their resources.

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Benefit through RESET: You will ...

  • interpret the changed framework conditions predicted by experts and futurologists for your company
  • decide and initiate measures for a future sustainable company
  • identify and overcome outdated strategies and structures as well as unhelpful habits
  • implement long-desired, meaningful projects quickly and effortlessly
  • integrate learnings and insights from the crisis into a new way forward
  • progress quickly and effectively through a two-sided approach of group work on strategy and measures, and coaching sessions on personal issues
  • and shape your future successfully, sensibly and sustainably with fresh energy

RESET your organization!

Duration of the RESET process: approx. 20 hours

Participants: Owners, Board members, key executives and managers – ideally between 2 and 14 people

Your companions: The RESET process is accompanied by at least two experienced consultants, a strategy expert and an executive coach. In their work they build on the international project experience in business model innovation, circular economy, sustainability management, organizational development and transformative leadership of the Terra Institute.

The entire process runs exclusively online and digitally and is part of our SOS – Smart Online Solutions.

Discover here the detailed description of the RESET product including all steps and contents!

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RESET your organization