What this means for your company

You can develop and implement new processes aimed at allowing your company to use waste materials as input materials, allowing thus objects at the end of their life cycle to re-enter the production cycle. Sustainable products are those which are designed and built to be inserted in this circular economy approach. Thinking production processes this way requires (and allows) new and deep forms of cooperation among different players located all along the value-added chain.


What we offer

  • Smart product development methodologies based on circular thinking approaches, i.e. cradle-to-cradle, circular economy, zero emissions approach
  • Supply chain assessment procedures based on a criteria catalogue including social environmental and economic indicators
  • The structuring of the adequate context to initiate and pursue dialogue with players along the value chain
  • The facilitation for the creation processes of close alliances among product developers, raw material suppliers, carriers, retailers and consumers
  • New business and distribution models and development of a marketing approach in the sense of marketing 3.0, answering the question how your company contributes to a better world