Climate Neutral Alliance 2025

The global climate targets can only be achieved with voluntary initiatives in addition to the legal requirements. We at the Terra Institute support our customers in achieving sustainability goals, these include CO2 emissions. It goes without saying for us that we want to make our own contribution and are therefore involved as a company in the Climate Neutral Alliance 2025.

First reduce, then compensate. This approach, which in this form is unique in a climate alliance, convinced us. We all cause CO2 emissions, both professionally and privately. To be aware of this responsibility and, after the best possible reduction, also to compensate the residual emissions by means of high-quality projects is reasonable and sensible.

Our contribution to climate protection

Also in the last two years – 2017 and 2018 – after the CO2 reduction we compensated our remaining CO2 emissions sensibly in form of financial support of climate protection projects.

Last year we supported the project “Solar Panels for Education and Quality of Life” in Ethiopia and Kenya. By installing photovoltaic cells on the roofs of Ethiopian and Kenyan families instead of using kerosene lamps, the living conditions of the people in particular in rural areas has been considerably improved and greenhouse emissions reduced. A total of 28,600 solar home systems have been installed so far, creating 91 jobs, avoiding 6.6 million litres of kerosene and supplying 147,500 people with electric light.

This year we are using our compensation to finance the “Clean drinking water for schools and households through filter systems” project in Uganda. Schools and poorer households receive a filter system to clean drinking water. The reduced consumption of firewood and charcoal reduces CO2 emissions and  has a positive effect on the living conditions and health of thousands of peopleat the same time. Already 61,400 tons of CO2 per year and a total of 130 tons of firewood have been saved in the project period so far and 462,000 liters of clean drinking water have been treated.

Now it’s your turn!

Make your own contribution to climate protection and support holistic, meaningful projects. The alliance is open to all interested companies – because the more companies participate, the more powerful the initiative becomes and the more everyone benefits.

Your contact: Elisabeth Präauer, e.praeauer@terra-institute.eu


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