What this means for your company

Investigating the superordinate and coordinate system’s needs means taking a step towards the integration of a systemic approach into the business practice and in turn towards a new definition of the organizational mission, vision and value catalogue.

The result is an explicit, profound and inspiring company orientation, which is source of innovation and motivation and a seal for authenticity and awareness.

Finally, through advocacy, the company gains the power to influence and to help shape its socio-political context.

What do we offer

  • A structured and participatory approach, in which you can shape your corporate mission and vision. These represent a stable source of sense for your company and all your employees
  • A mission and vision statement, which goes well beyond the mere market objectives and highlights the positive contribution that the company is willing to make
  • A precise and structured moderation process
  • A clear and active positioning of the company as socio-political actor
  • A sharpened organizational profile, which serves as a basis for effective communication