What does it mean to be a consultant in the current economic, social and ecological context? How can we make our role even clearer and give our clients up-to-date answers?

The coming decade will be decisive for the future viability of life on Earth: major upheavals in society and economy are imminent in order to bring people and nature into a healthy balance in a sustainable and regenerative way.

These processes of change require their designers to develop many new sustainability competencies and to take major inner steps of releasing, being brave and reorienting. The great challenge for consultants and coaches in the new decade is to provide human and professional support and to create the framework conditions that enable entrepreneurs, managers, municipalities and regions to manage these far-reaching changes. They have a key role to play, because their function and role make them a major actor in the direction that is being taken.

Travellers and their travel companions decide together where the journey will take them.

This means that there is a need for consultants and coaches with new, relevant skills in the approaches and methods of sustainable management and with the inner maturity to consciously and attentively assume their responsibility in the transformation process.

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STS – Smart Terra Solutions

Climate and natural regeneration, global cooperation, social justice, prosperity and peace are some of the terms that describe the world we want to shape together with dedicated companies. At the same time, we are dealing with trends such as digitization, climate change, resource scarcity and the search for innovative and new business models.

As a holistic consultancy for system change, we have developed a range of online-based solutions to increase the efficiency of the consulting services and to allow more time for collaborative work. Why are our solutions technology-oriented? Because we need tools that are easily accessible, comprehensive, flexible, and scalable. We want to offer companies feedback loops that unlock and stimulate creative and transformative energy. Today, managers need inspiring impulses from anywhere, anytime: That is why we decided to develop digital solutions together with our partners in order to provide high-impact tools for executives and decision-makers as part of our consulting services.