Mobility is a central prerequisite for the further development of companies and society. In order for mobility to remain an opportunity and not become a problem, innovative and sustainable mobility concepts are required, such as the concept of corporate mobility management. Corporate mobility management aims to make employee, visitor and customer traffic as well as business trips as efficient, safe and environmentally friendly as possible. The Terra Institute and the Green Mobility division of Südtiroler Transportstrukturen AG offer companies a 5-stage process for the introduction and implementation of corporate mobility management in the company, which is based on

  • Making mobility costs and CO2 emissions measurable and reducible
  • the accessibility of the company location is improved
  • represents a concrete contribution to sustainable corporate development, and
  • Strengthens the company’s reputation vis-à-vis customers, employees and the public.


Want you to be a pioneer in corporate mobility management? Or do you want to check how much potential your company has for sustainable mobility? Then contact us and we will discuss the implementation of sustainable mobility concepts in your company in a first personal meeting and submit you an individual offer.

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