This novel learning logic, Collaborative Learning, brings companies together to work on defined topics of common interest. It can also be applied within a company. The learning journey takes place on-line and off-line, Terra chaperoning all participants and holding the learning space.



Each company has the desire to grow individually in the context of its own issues. Often, however, a concrete guiding principle for achieving the desired goals is missing. This logic of collaborative learning allows to grasp and address individual needs within a company, be they personal and/or professional, through the structuring of a learning journey, which forms the heart of business development.

The company decides which issues need to be developed and which objectives can be achieved through them.

With Collaborative Learning there is also the possibility of an active exchange with other companies in the sector or more remote sectors, so that a common learning process can be developed. Of course, the same also applies within a company: thanks to this approach, an active process of exchange and learning between departments can be initiated.


“I do not seek, I find” – Pablo Picasso


More information and contact: Evelyn Oberleiter | e.oberleiter@terra-institute.eu