We offer you our experience of the last 10 years in accompanying companies, organisations and regions to change towards regeneration and to train you to use our service products (Smart Terra Solutions – STS) with high professionalism. We are developing a global consulting community that is constantly developing its know-how together and networks and supports itself across regions through common ethics and values. We want to strengthen entrepreneurship and provide the right impetus, so that companies can be part of the solutions to the current crises and help drive global system change.

Support companies wisely, effectively and digitally for a sustainable world

The coming decade will be crucial for the future viability of life on Earth: great transformations and changes in society and economy are imminent in order to generate a balanced and healthy relationship between humankind and nature. It is all about creating a new ‘stable state’, developed by a new mindset and which redefines the concept of ‘success’.

Never before have companies had to deal with such large and complex challenges. Today, whoever changes their business orientation and business model in the context of a new approach to sustainability, with successful innovation, can ensure the company’s long-term success. These challenges require many new competencies from those who shape the change. It’s not only sustainability expertise that is required, but also facilitating great inner work of releasing, being brave and reorienting.

Consultants and coaches who accompany these processes, play a key role. They must create the necessary framework conditions so that entrepreneurs, executives, municipalities and regions can implement these far-reaching changes. This is the big challenge for consultants and coaches in the new decade.

We at Terra Institute have been involved for more than 10 years exclusively with the topic of sustainability. We have crafted our many years of experience into a unique, proven consulting approach, supported by professional digital tools. We would like to present this approach to a broad community and thus offer you a new business model and opportunity, underpinned by specialised and thorough preparation.

Become part of Terra’s Consulting Community

Together we want to make this world a better place so that our children and children‘s children can also experience the wonders of life on Earth. We use all our knowledge, talents and skills to accompany companies in their role as shapers of ecological and social sustainability. Systemic change towards a new awareness and with courageous sustainable thinking and acting is our common goal. To those ends, we are forming a network in which we cooperate closely with each other, share effective tools, learn together, encourage each other and increase our effectiveness. For this network there is a need for consultants and coaches with inner maturity, able to perceive their responsibility in the transformation process, to learn new skills, approaches and methods of sustainable management.

We offer consultants two ways to participate in our community:


Become a “TERRA CERTIFIED PARTNER” and walk with us along a long-term, collaborative and co-creative path. Become part of a global community and transform your daily consulting services for a better world.


Let us train you as a “SMART TERRA SOLUTIONS (STS) CONSULTANT” and work with our smart consulting tools in your daily consulting practice towards sustainable transformation.

Common to both ways is a BASIC MODULE, in which the fundamentals of sustainability, our understanding of consulting and consulting tools are taught in a detailed and concrete way. After this first module you can choose how you want to participate in our network and which learning route you want to undertake.

Two dimensions of learning

The big change that we are making in the corporate world requires internal development – the thinking and feeling of people and organizations – as well as external adaptation – the organisation‘s tools and actions. The inside and the outside are connected and influence each other – individually and collectively. That is why we continue with our accompaniment in both dimensions.

The training takes place digitally, i.e. in online format. At the beginning and at the end there is an in-person 1-day-workshop to get to know each other, to network and to clarify our expectations together.

STS Tools in an overview

The new role of consultant in global transformation

We live in a particular time: COVID, climate crisis, insecurity, societal divisions and loss of trust across the globe, highlight more than ever that society and economy need important reforms. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland there are several thousand business consultants, whose role is significant in reshaping society and economy. So far only a few deeply engage in sustainability, digitisation and system change – perhaps because such topics incorporate complexity and require new networks and tools. If you want to expand your consultancy to incorporate sustainability and system change, we would like to invite you, as our fellow consultants, to connect with us to grow an approach to global, ecological, social and economic regeneration and sustainability.



Didactic approach

Didactically, the process is structured in an exciting mix: from days together, to webinar formats, impulse presentations, dialogues, short videos on content for preparation, self- and group reflection up to concrete exercises and individual hands-on, discussions and collaborative experiential learning.

Let us surprise you.


Paolo Agnelli