CASE is a European project from the Erasmus Plus programme “Knowledge Alliance”, which was selected from 230 submissions in 2014. 10 partners from different European universities and companies formed a strong alliance to jointly advance the issue of sustainable socio-economic development across disciplinary and linguistic boundaries. South Tyrol was represented by the Terra Institute and the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano.

The aims

What has motivated CASE is the necessary change towards a more sustainable economy and society. We wanted to support this by training the change agents of tomorrow who will accompany the change.

What we had in mind:

  • Developing an innovative joint master’s program on “Sustainable Management” in close cooperation between companies and universities
  • Developing new, innovative methods and testing selected modules in live operation
  • Establish a multi-stakeholder network in the region through pilot projects with companies
  • Building a cross-border European learning partnership
The results

Analysis of competences for sustainable socio-economic development. The first milestone of the project was a needs analysis, which was carried out with 48 companies and 25 representatives of universities in all 5 project regions.

In essence, the following topics were discussed:

  • What competencies does a sustainable, responsible economy need?
  • How can these competencies be acquired and taught?
  • What role do multi-stakeholder networks play in the region?

The results of the analysis formed the basis for the development of further work packages in the project.



Johanna Bernhardt

Johanna Bernhardt