Trainings tailored to your needs

Our training approach follows six essential stages

Knowledge transfer
... through educational materials such as reports, texts and videos, presentations and group discussions. The aim of this stage is to convey new knowledge and to stimulate reflection on the perspectives from which the various themes are viewed.
Feelings & emotions
Getting in touch with your feelings and emotions through their physical dimension in order to develop the strength, joy and energy needed to put the acquired knowledge into practice. From an educational point of view, this is achieved through dialogues based on the principles of mindfulness and relational counselling. Furthermore, the process can be supported by exercises of Qi Gong, Taiji Quan, Nei Gong, yoga, breathing and guided meditation.
Hands-on experience
Be it in the context of the seminar or later in everyday working life.
... as a moment to consolidate the educational experience. The stages of experience and reflection are accompanied by e-learning, coaching, mentoring, shadowing, peer consulting (or group supervision) and the exchange of experiences.
... from experience and the corresponding internalization of learning content is the basis for real development. It is achieved through innovative tools such as action learning and cognitive mediation.
Practical implementation
... of the concepts conveyed and the knowledge acquired. We provide guidance during ongoing business and personal development processes.