Terra Institute is a strategy consultancy company and a centre of expertise for innovation and sustainability. With international experience in the special fields of innovation & sustainability, Circular Economy and new business models, companies with purpose and transformative leadership, we provide impulses for development through consulting, coaching, further education and events.

We consider social and ecological responsibility as well as quest for personal meaning as the success factors of the 21st century, which determine and increase sustainable profit.

As a SYSTEM CHANGE CONSULTANCY our driver is to contribute in our actions to a global system change in economy and society: climate and nature regeneration, global cooperation, prosperity and peace are some of the terms which describe the world which we would like to shape together with our costumers.



It was a time in which the founders of Terra Institute started putting several question marks on their lives: Günther Reifer on the sense of his job as marketing and sales director in a big furniture corporation, and Evelyn Oberleiter on the sense of our economic system, on both the jobs she was doing at that period and on the interconnections among health, happiness and ethics.

“We attended several retreats, we meditated a lot and we tried different life styles. We met the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mohammad Yunus who showed us how companies can play a very constructive role in finding the solution to pressing global issues. We then explored and tried to clarify our inner motivation for work and for life. This quest brought us in Sekem, Egypt, where we had the chance to spend some days with the founder of this community Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish. What we experienced there was a brand-new culture of working and doing business: meaningful, inspired and ethical. Abouleish used to meet every single morning with his managers for a round of discussion and exchange on their personal and spiritual development. This connection among humanity, business and nature touched us in a profound way.”

After their journey in Egypt, they decided to start again from scratch: Günther left his job and Evelyn interrupted her traditional consultancy projects.

“In 2009 we founded the Terra Institute, whit the purpose of initiating only meaningful projects and of accompanying companies on their way towards ecological sustainability, social justice and personal development and self-fulfillment. After nine years, we are even more motivated than then and we can rely on a team of 25 committed persons.”


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