As part of nature, it is our heartfelt desire to create offers and spaces that allow us to connect the inside and the outside, and to perceive the life around us.

Terra Institute is a center of excellence for a modern, future-oriented economy. We deliver far more than classical management consulting for green issues, but are a Think and Do Tank for ecological and social change processes, sustainability, business model innovation, Circular Economy, purpose driven corporate strategy and transformative leadership, and an important partner in the transformation process. We provide impulses through consulting, lectures, coaching and training.

We believe: social and ecological responsibility, as well as personal meaningfulness, are the success factors of entrepreneurs in the 21st century. These ensure sustainable economic profit.

We accompany organizations both ‘inside’ and ‘outside’. The attitudes, values and ethics of managers and employees are decisive for the successful launch of good products, innovative business models and sustainable strategies.

A new entrepreneurship for global system change is what motivates us. Because the attitude (inside) and the behavior (outside) of the economy are the most decisive factors of a successful society’s transformation.

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